How to Create a New Outlook Profile

Step 1: Open the start menu > Control Panel (or search for Control Panel)


Step 2:  Search for ‘mail’, click on the mail. 



 Step 3: This should show up. Click on Show Profiles > Add.. > Type in ‘Exchange’ and OK 



Step 4: Enter your information (Name, Email, Password). Click Next


Step 5: Wait(can take up to 5 minutes), if a dialog box appears for mail stratus auto discover click the check box to not ask again and click next.



Step 6: If a dialog box asking for you to re-enter your email and password. Do so and click the 'remember credentials'


Step 7: The screen below will appear when its has successfully connected to your email. Click Finish


Step 8: Go back to the 'mail' dialog box shown below and set 'Always use this profile' to be Exchange, click Apply and OK

Step 9: Once all these steps are done you can open Outlook and enter your username and password.


**Please allow some time for your mailbox to sync, the more emails you have, the more time it needs to sync.**





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