Setup Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Hosted Exchange

  1. From the home screen, tap Email.

    Note: If the Email icon has been removed from the home screen, tap Apps and then scroll to and tap Email.

  2. Enter the Email address and Password.

    Tap NEXT.

  3. The handset will attempt to set up the account automatically.

    If the settings are found, tap the desired Account options and tap NEXT. Enter a name for the account and then tap NEXT. The email account is now set up.

    If the settings are not found, tap MICROSOFT EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC.

  4. Ensure the Domain\username : your Email Address

  5. Ensure the Exchange server :

  1. The password is automatically filled from the previous step.

    Tap to check or uncheck Use secure connection (SSL) and Use client certificate as required.

    Tap NEXT.

    Note: If an activation message appears, read the notice and tap OK.

    If a Setup could not finish message appears tap Edit details and ensure the information is correct.

    To verify the Exchange server settings, contact the email provider or company email administrator.

  2. Tap to change the preferred Account options.

    Once finished, tap NEXT.

  3. Enter the preferred name for the account, then tap DONE.

  4. The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account is now set up.

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